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Puppy Love Raw Freeze Dried Feasts

Mixed Bundle - Puppy Love Raw Freeze Dried Feast - Chicken Cuisine & Pork Platter

Mixed Bundle - Puppy Love Raw Freeze Dried Feast - Chicken Cuisine & Pork Platter

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Rotating proteins is made easy with our mixed bundle case! Our bundle includes two of our nutritious and delicious raw freeze dried feasts recipes: Chicken Cuisine and Pork Platter.

Available in a case of 4 bags (2 bag of each recipe), 6 bags (3 bags of each recipe), 8 bags (4 bags of each recipe). As the case size goes up, the cost per bags goes down! Purchase as a monthly subscription so you never have to worry about running out.

Each bag contains approximately 15 cups of food (yields roughly 7 lbs of raw rehydrated food). View our feeding chart below to see the recommended daily portion for your dog. 

Feeding guidelines are a recommendation. Adjust feeding according to the needs of your pet. Our Raw Freeze-Dried food is calorie dense and requires half part water added for rehydration. We suggest splitting up the recommended daily food intake to two meals. Always have fresh, clean water available.

Feeding Chart

Complete and balanced nutrition for all stages of development. Each whole food ingredient is carefully chosen to create a nourishing and canine-appropriate meal. Puppy Love’s freeze dried dog food provides all the benefits of a raw diet without all the hassle and worry. Freeze dried food takes up less space and has a long shelf life. You can store it and take it almost anywhere. Freeze dried food eliminates the risk of salmonella and other harmful bacteria found in 20% of most raw diets. We have put all the research, work, time, and love in a convenient see-through package to provide you with peace of mind. You can feel confident you are feeding your pet only the best!

Puppy Love has expanded our team to include a Certified Canine Nutritionist. Our Certified Canine Nutritionist is on staff fulltime and available with any questions or concerns you may have. We are excited to offer our Puppy Love Pack members this opportunity and hope you take advantage of it.

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Our Raw Freeze-Dried Feast Recipe

Ingredient List

Fresh Chicken, Fresh Beef Liver, Dehydrated Sardines, Fresh Spinach, Fresh Pumpkin, Fresh Carrot, Fresh Apple, Fresh Cranberries, Fresh Blueberries, Ground Bone, Crushed Egg Shell, Sunflower Seeds

Fresh Lean Pork, Fresh Beef Liver, Dehydrated Sardines, Fresh Spinach,
Fresh Celery, Fresh Pumpkin, Fresh Carrots, Ground Raw Bone, Whole Egg, Raw Crushed Sunflower Seeds, Fresh Apple, Fresh Blueberries, Fresh Cranberries

Nutritional Information

530 per 100 grams

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS (100/grams - on an as fed basis)

CRUDE PROTIEN (min.) - 53%
CRUDE FAT (min.) - 17%
CRUDE FIBRE (max.) - 3%
MOISTURE (max.) – 9%

580 per 100 grams

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS (100/grams - on an as fed basis)

CRUDE PROTIEN (min.) - 46%
TOTAL FAT (max.) - 19%
CRUDE FIBRE (max.) – 8%
MOISTURE (max.) – 6%